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1/8/18 - HB264 - "An Act relating to a fee for disposable shopping bags; relating to the sale of reusable shopping bags; relating to the recycling of disposable shopping bags; and providing for an effective date."

1/30/18 - HJR12 "Opposing the United States Food and Drug Administration's approval of AquaBounty AquAdvantage genetically engineered salmon; and urging the United States Congress to enact legislation that requires prominently labeling genetically engineered salmon and salmon products with the words "Genetically Modified" on the product's packaging." - PASSED HOUSE 4/5/17

4/7/17 - HB217 - "An Act relating to the Alaska Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act; relating to the sale of milk, milk products, raw milk, and raw milk products; and providing for an effective date." - LIVE TELECONFERENCE 1/31/18

1/18/17 - HJR5 - "Urging the United States Congress to pass legislation to open the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas development; relating to oil and gas exploration, development, production, and royalties; and relating to renewable and alternative energy technologies." - Approved and filed 11/1/17

1/18/17 - HB32 "An Act relating to the labeling of food; relating to the misbranding of food; requiring labeling of food produced with genetic engineering; and providing for an effective date.." - BILL ON HOLD

1/18/17 - HB29 "An Act prohibiting the sale of genetically modified fish or fish product." - BILL ON HOLD​

1/18/17 - HB28 "An Act relating to the disclosure of the ingredients in cosmetics; and providing for an effective date." - BILL ON HOLD​

5/3/17 - SB6 "An Act relating to the regulation and production of industrial hemp; relating to industrial hemp pilot programs; providing that industrial hemp is not included in the definition of 'marijuana'; and clarifying that adding industrial hemp to food does not create an adulterated food product." - PASSED SENATE 4/10/17


1/10/18 - SB042 - "Concerning the creation of the agricultural workforce development program."

1/10/18 - HB1033 - Employee Leave To Participate In Elections "Concerning the time in which employees are entitled to take leave to participate in elections."

1/10/18 - HB1054 - Affordable Housing Plastic Shopping Bag Tax "Concerning an increase in funding for affordable housing through a tax on plastic shopping bags."

1/18/18 - SB038 - "Concerning the allowable uses of reclaimed domestic wastewater, and, in connection therewith, allowing reclaimed domestic wastewater to be used for industrial hemp cultivation."

1/19/18 - HB1093 - Reclaimed Water Use For Edible Crops "Concerning the allowable uses of reclaimed domestic wastewater, and, in connection therewith, allowing reclaimed domestic wastewater to be used for food crops."

1/25/18 - SB013 - Expand Child Nutrition School Lunch Protection Act "Concerning expanding the grades eligible for the child nutrition school lunch protection program."

1/29/18 - HB1022 - DOR Department Of Revenue Issue Sales Tax Request For Information "Concerning a requirement that the department of revenue issue a request for information for an electronic sales and use tax simplification system."

1/30/18 - HB1068 - Eliminate Registered In Naturopathic Doctor Title "Concerning the elimination of "registered" in the title of a naturopathic doctor."

1/28/18 - SB138 - Transfer Alcohol From Surrendered License "Concerning authorization for retail sellers of alcohol beverages for on-premises consumption to sell remaining inventory to another on-premises retail seller of alcohol beverages with whom there is common ownership when no longer licensed to sell alcohol beverages for on-premises consumption."

1/27/17 - SB117 "Concerning confirmation that industrial hemp is a recognized agricultural product for which a person with a water right decreed for agricultural use may use the water subject to the water right for industrial hemp cultivation." - PASSED 5/21/17

1/27/17 - SB106 "Concerning the continuation of the regulation of naturopathic doctors by the director of the division of professions and occupations in the department of regulatory agencies, and, in connection therewith, implementing the department's sunset review recommendations." - PASSED 6/2/17


1/25/18 - HCR031 - "CLIMATE CHANGE STUDY COMMITTEE – Stating findings of the Legislature and authorizing the Legislative Council to appoint a committee to undertake and complete a study of climate change and its impact on Idaho."

1/25/18 - H0397 - "MINIMUM WAGE -- Amends existing law to remove language prohibiting a political subdivision from enacting a minimum wage that is higher than the state minimum wage."

1/26/18 - H0410 - "CANNABIDIOL OIL – Adds to existing law to provide an exemption for lawful use and possession of cannabidiol oil.

1/23/17 - H0045 "DIETITIANS – Repeals, amends and adds to existing law to revise licensing and other provisions relating to the practice of dietetics." - BILL ON HOLD


1/25/17 - SB155 "Prohibit local government regulation of agricultural seeds" - PASSED 5/22/17


3/20/17 - SB415 - "Proposes to exempt sales of feminine hygiene products from sales and use taxes and analogous taxes. (BDR 32-631)" - Approved by the Governor 6/5/17

3/20/17 - SB407 - "Creates the Nevada Clean Energy Fund. (BDR 58-1133)" - Approved by the Governor 6/5/17

3/20/17 - SB396 - "Revises provisions relating to industrial hemp. (BDR 49-53)" - Approved by Governor 6/1/17


1/22/18 - SB1564 - "Relating to distilled liquor tasting rooms. Allows distillery licensee to apply for tasting room permit. Authorizes licensee to conduct tastings and limited sales of distilled liquor at retail under tasting room permit."

1/22/18 - SB1550 - "Relating to food fish. Authorizes State Fish and Wildlife Commission to adopt record keeping requirements for person engaged in taking, landing, buying or selling of food fish for commercial purposes or otherwise dealing in food fish for commercial purposes."

1/22/18 - HB4015 - "Relating to the Oregon Conservation and Recreation Fund; prescribing an effective date."

1/22/18 - HB4089 - "Relating to industrial hemp; declaring an emergency. Gives hemp research program currently operated by State Department of Agriculture name of Oregon Industrial Hemp Agricultural Pilot Research Program."  

7/7/17 - HB2371 "Specifies that, for purposes of statutes regulating seeds, agricultural hemp seed is flower seed. Directs Director of College of Agriculture and dean of College of Agricultural Sciences of Oregon State University to establish program for labeling and certification of agricultural hemp seed. Takes effect on 91st day following adjournment sine die." - ON HOLD

​7/7/17 - HB2469 "Allows local government to inhibit or prevent production or use of seed or seed products for purpose of protecting seed or products that are not genetically engineered from adverse impacts of genetically engineered seed or products or if enforcing local measure approved by county voters on May 20, 2014." - ON HOLD

7/7/17 - HB2739 "Allows cause of action against patent holder for genetically engineered organism present on land without permission of owner or lawful occupant. Allows court to award prevailing plaintiff costs, attorney fees and treble economic damages." - ON HOLD


1/11/18 - HCR001 - "Concurrent Resolution on Global Warming and Climate Change."

1/11/18 - HB0103 - "This bill modifies provisions related to water conservation plans."

1/11/18 - HB0117 - "Hourly Wage Increase Amendments"

1/22/18 - HCR004 - "This resolution expresses a commitment to create and support a solution that addresses the causes and effects of a changing climate."

1/25/18 - HCR007 - "This resolution encourages the responsible stewardship of natural resources and reduction of emissions through incentives and support of the growth in technologies and services that will enlarge the economy."

​1/16/18 - HB0181 - "Home Consumption and Homemade Food Act"

​1/24/18 - SB108 - "Raw Milk Amendments"

​1/29/18 - HB0251 - "This bill amends provisions of the Utah Wholesome Food Act."

1/31/18 - SB0130 "Cannabidiol Product Act"

2/2/18 - HB302 - "Cultivation of Industrial Hemp"


1/5/18 - HB2411 - "Reducing wasted food in order to fight hunger and reduce environmental impacts."

1/8/18 - HB1245 (re-introduced) "Providing a tax incentive for the labeling of products."

1/8/18 - HB2260 - "Prohibiting the spawning, incubation, and cultivation of Atlantic salmon in the marine waters regulated by the state."

1/8/18 - SB5369 "Concerning the practice of naturopathy."

1/8/18 - HB1653 (re-introduced) "Protecting the public health of food consumers. (In regards to the use of biosolids.)"

1/8/18 - HB2294 - "Aligning Washington's greenhouse gas emissions limits with those established by the United States' commitment under the 2015 Paris climate agreement."

1/8/18 - SB5509 (cross-filed HB1646) - "Promoting an equitable clean energy economy by creating a carbon tax that allows investment in clean energy, clean air, healthy forests, and Washington's communities."

​1/10/18 - SB6203 - "Reducing carbon pollution by moving to a clean energy economy." - Public hearing 2/15/18 @ 3:30 PM

​1/10/18 - HB2499 - "Exempting seeds and plants used to grow food from retail sales and use tax."

1/11/18 - HB2658 (cross-filed SB6396) - "Concerning the use of perfluorinated chemicals in food packaging."

1/12/18 - SB6318 - "Clarifying existing law by creating a new intrastate food safety and security chapter from existing intrastate food safety laws and moving certain provisions in the intrastate commerce food, drugs, and cosmetics act to the titles of the agencies that administer the provisions."

1/26/18 - SB5518 - "Requiring fair reimbursement for chiropractic services."

​1/23/17 - HB1562 - "Continuing the work of the Washington food policy forum." - Housed Passed 3/7/17

1/30/17 - HB1796 - "Providing reasonable accommodations in the workplace for pregnant women." - House Passed 3/1/17

4/27/17 - HB2064 - "Removing industrial hemp from the scope of the uniform controlled substances act." - Effective Date: 7/23/17


3/2/17 - HB0230 "AN ACT relating to food and drugs; authorizing industrial hemp farming as specified; providing for hemp farming for research purposes; providing licensure requirements; providing rulemaking authority; providing an affirmative defense for marihuana prosecutions as specified; and providing for an effective date." - PASSED 3/2/17

1/25/17 - HB0081 "AN ACT relating to public health; providing for administration of hemp extract by a parent to an adult dependent; authorizing hemp extract for treatment of an adult as determined by a physician; and providing for an effective date."


6/29/17 - US HR3144 - This act takes away power of the states to close dams on the Snake River in order to save the dwindling salmon population. CLICK HERE to take action!


1/13/17 - US HB575 Cosmetic Modernization Amendments of 2017

2/16/17 - US HR1175 Health Savings Act of 2017

1/3/17 - US HB204 Genetically Engineered Salmon Labeling Act

1/3/17 - US HB205 To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to require labeling of genetically engineered fish.

1/3/17 - US HB206 Prevention of Escapement of Genetically Altered Salmon in the United States Act

6/29/17 - US HR3144 To provide for operations of the Federal Columbia River Power System pursuant to a certain operation plan for a specified period of time, and for other purposes.


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